Growth and Development

Gary Bradford recognizes growth is a major concern for Pasco County residents. He is confident that with a cooperative plan, Pasco can provide a balanced, responsible approach to growth.

Development provides an opportunity to build a strong relationship between county government and the citizens it serves. Development must be smart and strategic with forward thinking. It absolutely has to be inclusive of the stakeholders; private property owners, developers, citizen groups, real estate entities and government. We as a community have one opportunity to get it right!

Gary’s commitment to responsible growth management takes into account the infrastructure, public safety and the environment.


    • It is our responsibility to have a high degree of infrastructure completed in the growth process. This is a continuing challenge that we must meet.

Public Safety

      • Public safety is the primary responsibility of government.
      • Public safety consists of many facets, such as fire and rescue, code enforcement, sheriff’s office, animal services


      • It is critical to maintain a leadership position in water issues, including water treatment and effluent water.
      • Maintaining the Penny for Pasco for acquisition of environmental lands

Job Creation and Employment Opportunities

      • For detailed prospective, click here to read more. 

Together we can get this done. Work, live, play… Pasco Proud!

Gary’s life and professional experience will make a positive impact in the quality of life issues in Pasco County. Pasco County’s Fiscal Budget for 2022 is $1.54 billion dollars. Bradford is 100% committed to being a full-time commissioner with no outside employment obligations for the citizens of Pasco County.